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greasy emulating: lasses Jukes

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Our first introduction to Myrtle is her in the juke joint dancing to jazz in, horror of horrors, a miniskirt! Hell, it was a big deal to show off someone dancing in a miniskirt in a movie in the mid ’60s, much less the mid ’30s. While there’s definitely a lot in the script to add credence to the "booed offstage" theory regarding the short life.

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A song popped up with that greasy fat amplified blues harp blasting and I had to find out who was blowing. I’ve totally forgotten the name of the band that he was playing with, but I looked them up back then long enough to find out that it was Greg Izor. I had all intentions of tracking him down, but life got in the way and I forgot to follow up.

Again he plays brilliant harmonica on a performance that includes a shift of tempo and some hot guitar. Similarly, they rearrange "Juke," with a funky groove into the contours of which Branch lays down his solo.

History. Formed initially from a group of like-minded people 15 years ago the informal club became official in October 2006. Many members of the Club have a long history of competing in motor sport events, with members competing at a high level in Hillclimbs, Sprints, Autocross, Autotests, circuit racing, Rallies, and Navigational Runs.

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