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Helping Haitian orphans with hoops

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She is the founder and CEO of Hoop For Haiti, a charitable organization that has raised $17,000 – and counting – to help the Destiny Village orphanage in Pierre Payen, Haiti, about 50 miles.

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Help provide food, shelter and education to the Haitian Orphans. Our vision is to provide a foundation for orphaned children to become adults who are thriving and fulfilling God’s purposes for their lives. Our mission is to provide food, shelter, healthcare and education in a Christ centered environment.

Husband and wife team put out a call to raise money to send supplies to help a special village for orphans in Haiti. Two Kelowna dentists are putting out a call for help to raise nearly $22,000 to.

"They went over to help. I really don’t believe they had. safe shelter and needed medical treatment. Hundreds of orphans have been airlifted to the United States for adoption, but Haitian.

Helping Haitian Angels’ (HHA) mission is to care for orphaned and abandoned children "Angels" in Haiti by raising them to become happy, successful members of their communities who will have the tools to positively impact future generations.

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Basketball game will benefit Haitian orphans Aug 10, 2015. for an "Old School" and "New School" showdown Saturday, Aug. 15. Second Providence Baptist Church is holding its Hoops for Haiti event at 4 p.m.. new school concept was a great way to engage all ages groups in helping the.

 · Where Will All The Haitian Orphans Go? Aid groups say tens of thousands of Haitian children lost their parents in the earthquake last week, adding to the country’s 350,000 orphans.

North Augusta High School will be the backdrop for an “Old School” and “New school” showdown saturday, Aug. 15. Second Providence Baptist Church is holding its Hoops for Haiti event at 4 p.m. The event will benefit Christian Haitian Outreach, an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In.

Gary Strieker reports on the fight against malnutrition in Haiti’s youngest citizens. skip navigation. helping haiti’s hungry CNN.. Malnourished children get help at feeding centre.

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Boulder attorney unites Haitian orphans with U.S. parents. the delivery of food and medical help to Haiti orphanages.. children has been worth all the sleepless nights and bureaucratic hoops.