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How the New Tax Bill Will Impact Major U.S. Real Estate Markets

New Trump Tax Plan’s Impact on Real Estate. By Keith M. Allen-Niesen, Partner, Real Estate | Robert Duran, Partner, Tax, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation | Daniel B. Abram, Senior Advisor, real estate. president Donald Trump signed the Republican tax cut bill on December 22, 2017. Dubbed the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” the sweeping $1.5 trillion tax reform of the Internal.

A more subtle impact will be how the tax bill influences economic growth and job formation, the major driving forces underlying demand for real estate. Geographical areas dominated by firms with high capital investment in plants and equipment will be hardest hit due to lower depreciation write-offs and the elimination of the Investment Tax Credit.

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While the existing law generally allows a deduction for business interest expenses, the tax bill limits that deduction to the sum of business interest income plus 30% of adjusted taxable income. However, there are two major tax-law changes that will greatly affect this: A new limit on mortgage interest deductions.

 · According to the Tax Policy Center, the bulk of those paying the estate tax are the top earners in the U.S. – only about 80 small farms and businesses will end up paying an estate tax in 2017.

How Could The U.S. Tax Bill Impact Markets In 2018?. Eitelman discussed the potential effects of the new U.S. tax bill-which was approved by Congress on Dec. 20-on financial markets and the.

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Heirs to spectacular wealth get a huge tax benefit under the bill, which lowers and then eliminates the estate tax. Currently, the 40 percent tax applies only to inheritances over $5.6 million for.

Republican tax bill likely to be signed into law by end of the year.. House versions of the bill to make an assessment of how the law may impact the economy and markets.. and real estate.

Morris Invest Best Rental Markets 2019 Washington’s Holiday Gift: Implications for the New Tax Bill on Commercial Real Estate. The office sector looks to benefit the least of the major property sectors. Key office tenants will gain only limited to average tax savings from the new tax code. Moreover, many corporations will distribute much of their tax savings to shareholders instead of investing in new facilities.

The real estate market will be among the sectors most impacted by the $1.5 trillion tax bill passed in the U.S. Wednesday

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