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SHOCKER! Massive Charter Scandal Stretches from Ohio to Florida by Diane Ravitch

CURMUDGUCATION: Bug-In-Ear Coaching: Why Is This Still A Thing? – Somehow bug-in-ear coaching continues to be a thing. EdWeek wrote this puffy promotional piece for the practice just last month. But the practice has been around for a while. Here’s an extensive piece of happy talk about it back in 2011– and it cites sources going back to 1994.The writers at least have the sense to acknowledge that "the virtual coach’s role can quickly deteriorate into a Big.

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CUBASIKASTRONO-5: 2016-10-02 – By Diane Weber Bederman Dear Mr.Trump I have been listening to Mrs. Clinton share her economic plan. She pointed out that you did not pay taxes for 20 years. She left out that this was an opinion and not a fact-a problem with so many on the left (fact-free anecdotes) because.

University of Miami Football Scandal: Time to Kill the Program – University of Miami Football Scandal: Time to Kill the Program . Charges that University of Miami athletes got cash and hookers should trigger the death penalty, says Buzz Bissinger.

Alfie Kohn | Live Long and Prosper – FBI raided local charter school. FBI agents raided a Bond Hill charter school in June as part of an ongoing federal investigation into whether Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati, its sister schools in Ohio and two other states, and its management company outside Chicago had improper relationships with several technology vendors.

Florida's Charter Schools: Unsupervised – SunSentinel.com – Unchecked charter school operators are exploiting South Florida’s public school system A recent spate of charter-school closings illustrates weaknesses in state law: virtually anyone can open or run a charter school and spend public education money with near impunity.


Live Long and Prosper.: 2010 – bloomation.net – From 1998 to 2005, teachers were subjected to an aggressive reform campaign without their input that was unprecedented in educational history. In The Death and Life of the Great American school system (basic books, 2010), Diane Ravitch devotes an entire chapter to what transpired. A wave of depression and anxiety swept teachers, forcing them to.

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Dayhoff Art: 09/01/2006 – 10/01/2006 –  · My latest post on the westminster eagle blog, The Winchester Report, is up.It is: “Local news coverage, in Spanish, of the tragic accident in Westminster.” 09/23/06 By Kevin Dayhoff. Last Tuesday night there was a tragic accident in Westminster in which a bicyclist, a native of Mexico, was killed on Route 140.. The Carroll County Times published an article week by Ari Natter and Tomas.