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Voters trust the Democrats to handle health care and immigration

Now, Democrats are looking to health care to help them take the White House in 2020. All the Democratic candidates are looking to expand government-sponsored coverage. The survey shows that Americans are generally in sync with the idea of government taking a leading role.

2020 Dems push health care for illegal immigrants The Democrats’ Gamble on Health Care for the Undocumented. The rub for both health-care and immigration advocacy groups seems to be the matter of public subsidies. What has become the more centrist position-of allowing undocumented people to purchase coverage on their own-generates.

Democratic voters are overwhelmingly focused on health care, according to HuffPost/YouGov polling taken throughout the summer and fall, while Republicans are most What Americans say matters most has fluctuated modestly throughout the year, with health care and immigration both being top issues.

 · Do most Americans agree with Democrats on the issues?. More significantly, though, what the authors left out of the story was that 15 percent of extraordinarily sensible voters say they don’t trust either party to handle their health care choices.

Trust to handle health care Views on next president Feelings about federal government Importance of recent debates Would you say you feel betrayed by politicians from the Democratic Party? Who do you think is honest and trustworthy? Do you think Hillary Clinton’s positions on the issues are: Do you.

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 · But when asked which candidate voters trust to handle each, Clinton runs equal to or slightly ahead of Trump to handle four of the five issues, including the economy, terrorism, immigration.

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Democrats enjoy a 17 percentage point advantage over Republicans in Americans’ assessments of whom they trust more to handle health care. All the Democratic candidates are looking to expand government-sponsored coverage. The survey shows that Americans are generally in sync with the.

How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration.. made it perilous for Democrats to discuss immigration’s costs, as Bernie Sanders learned the hard way.. doesn’t reduce trust and.

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Health care. gay marriage. immigration. As the 2016 election draws closer, the party’s views on immigration are becoming increasingly important. The Democratic view on immigration is based on the idea that the United States is a country based on immigrants, and as such it should value and.